SEO for Escort Websites

Whenever your site’s rankings start dropping, keep calm and start looking for causes and solutions.
One of the main purposes of creating this website was to provide professional and reliable SEO, website promotion services for escort websites. We specialize in optimisation of escort websites for Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine engines and this includes link exchanges, submission to related directories, social marketing,  writing articles, website debugging, website re-design. We also give advices where to advertise, where to spend money or not. We know all advertising places because we are in business since 2004.

Why to promote your website? The answer is easy - to increase visibility and sales for your website. Web promotion includes includes many aspects and if you miss something your website might not be ranked well and what is more interesting fact is that all search engines evolve, change their ranking rules - one day you on top and the other day you can be penalized as a spam website. To avoid that you have to follow news, read a lot of articles and refresh your knowledge. We at J-webdesigns like our job, don't sleep and always try to evolve with search engines together - refresh our knowledge. SEO is a risky business - one small mistake can ruin all work and especially for escort websites based in Central London UK where competition is very tough. So, it is needed to understand not only search engines basics but whole process. It is not only about reading blogs or forums on the Internet. Real good webmasters make researches with their own websites too.
Entrust your business to J-webdesigns - a professional - experienced team.

Promotion of escort websites is different and has its own shades. Of course beautiful escort web design is a must in the first part and provides a first impression of the website which is really very important. Good reliable hosting is also a must because a bad one can interrupt website's work and fast loading website is a must if you want to climb high in rankings. Of course, there are no servers which never go down unless you spend a lot ot of money on the hosting and display your website on several servers, like Google does.

The marketing especially for London area is very complicated. There are a lot of adult service providers already and is very difficult to become visible on the market. Same entertainers everywhere and hundreds of agencies offering them. If you are not good in marketing you have to hire a professional escort website seo/promotion company. Do not overreach yourself because not all companies are good. Ask for references.

Many website owners copy the content from other websites which is wrong because such websites will never have good rankings in search engines. Writing has to be unique to every website and this is the area where we can help you. All our text is unique on every website we did so far because we like writing/blogging.

Nowadays, many escort agencies open and close because of the lack of information on how to run the business properly. You have to work hard with us too if you want to make your business prosper. Of course, a good designed escort website has more chances to succeed.

At this moment we have these promotion packages:

- package for a monthly £160 fee (for independent escorts only) includes link popularity building, optimization for search engines, maintenance,
- package for a monthly £350/500 (for London agencies) fee includes link popularity building, optimization for search engines, maintenance.
- special package for a monthly £POA fee (prices may vary - depends on what client wants). maintained websites receive 8000-70 000 unique visitors per month. The best achievement can be obtained when websites 100% follow company's suggestions and buy SEO/Promotion services for at least one year. No wonder can be achieved in a month or two and especially when you have a freshly bought domain name.

Optimization for search engines contains from these steps:

- Evaluation of the website's purpose,
- Competitors analysis,
- Solutions acceptance,
- Design of optimization system, project writing,
- Implementation - programming (A succes mainly depends how good realization process was),
- Monitoring - maintenance,
- On site optimzation - content writing (texts, meta tags),
- Submissions to related directories,
- Link exchanges with related websites,
- Posts to social websites,
- Articles/blog writing.


Also, if you request we can provide reports of what we did with your website each month.

We have already been in adult business since 2004 and made some great achievements. We have knowledge what to do and how to make the website ready to go. There are examples available about our successful work. If you would like to take a look at them please email us.